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I didn't believe it would happen….

My rabbit ears are dead. I thought it wouldn’t happen to me. I thought it was a plot. I thought that somehow the rabbit ears that brought me The Partridge Family and Rocket Ship Seven would beat the digital devils.  I thought it was just an insidious ploy by big business to make me buy an HDTV and I’d have the last laugh. Today, out on the farm, in the middle of 200 acres of corn, I turned on the set and I got this….. AHHHHH!!!!!!!

side effect of clomid


Big business wins. Arg.  But  I can’t live without my 7 channels, so I got on the  honker and called Future Shop, all out. Then The Source (which I still think of as Radio Shack), same deal. All over the province. It’s like the gasoline shortages in the 1970s. I was willing drive.  It made no difference…Now I’m on a waiting list.

I still think this is a cash grab and I doubt that digital is any different than analogue. But I guess we’ll see. That is when my converter box finally arrives. In the meantime I’m going to the library to rent movies. Maybe in the end,stubborn cuss that I am, I’ll give up television after all.

Oh and on a bright note, I have a literary agent. The lovely and talented Rena Zimmerman from Great North Artists. I am thrilled beyond measure. We’re going to hit the smaller publishing houses, so if anyone has any ideas as to who is champing at the bit to pick up a fantastic first novel that’s bound to outsell Harry Potter, please post. It’s also interesting to note that Great North doesn’t have a website. I think they’re too busy representing terrific Canadian talent and I wonder if they have rabbit ears too!

Back to the damnable edit.

Oh boy….

Cathi Bond here. This is my very first ever personal blog post on my shiny new site and I have absolutely zero idea of what I’m doing, so be ready for lots of mistakes. Some of them are bound to be hysterical, because they’ll demonstrate my utter lack of cyber skills.

However I’m very excited to have a proper place to post some musings on what I see going on in culture and technology, as well as have a place to talk about the process of publishing my first novel Night Town.

Night Town is a story of how a family deals with a catastrophic loss and how a teenage girl loses herself  on the mean streets of Toronto during the 1970s.  A world of drugs, bikers, body rub parlours as well as the time when the gay community was first emerging from the underground, out into the the light of day.

Night Town has been optioned by Back Alley Films.

All for now.  I should go and edit something.