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The Sniffer, March 2012: Trends in Retail and Books

This time, trendwatching pals, everything old is new again, at least in retail. A travelling tinker used to come to the village I grew up in (I know – how Rose Nylund), and so I was thrilled to find the Styleliner, a mobile boutique fashioned out of an old chip truck (via PSFK). How important is in-person shopping to you? Is online OK for some things but not others?

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And Nora Young’s looking at a new experiment in the growing attempt to marry the digital and the paper book in creative ways. Between Page and Screen uses augmented reality to create a 3D experience with books (via Springwise.) Is this the beginning of a more sculptural approach to text? A cool niche a la Griffin and Sabine or The Raw Shark Texts? More importantly, would you read like this, or do you prefer good ol’ linear text?

Cruise on over and give us a listen. It’s short, but sweet, funny and dare I say, even a tad smart?

The Sniffer: Trends in Video – and Socks!

Hey y’all! Today, Nora’s talking about some potentially big news on thesniffer. The guy behind BitTorrent is developing a way to use the peer-to-peer protocol to distribute live content (via Technology Review.)

The idea has many appealing features, such as lowering distribution costs, but with live video becoming the bread and butter of TV networks (sports, live reality show contests), will broadcasters balk, or take the bait?

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In other video news, I’ve got the blow your mind POV  PivotHead sunglasses. Basically, there’s a little easy-to-operate video camera embedded in the arm of the glasses. You can see Engadget’s video review here. I think it would be a great tool for journalists, outdoor sports fans and armchair documentary makers. However – there’s a definite potential ewwwwwwwwwww factor – does this mean everyone will turn into a video lifecaster?

Finally, love the feeling of being barefoot, but worried about hurting your feet? How about Kevlar socks! (Via Core 77). Personally I think having each toe sheathed like gloves would feel creepy, but there’s no denying a definite movement among runners for that all natural feel.