Nora Young’s New Book "Virtual Self" – As They Say – BOO YA!

My colleague and good pal, Nora Young, has a new book that’s just launched. It’s called Virtual Self. And if she writes as good as she talks, it’s bound to give you a lot of takeaway in terms of thought provoking material.


As Nora says,  “The Virtual Self is about the growing phenomenon of ‘self-tracking’ – how we are increasingly documenting the everyday statistical details of our lives. We track where we go, how we move, what we think, feel, see, and do. It’s the era of Facebook Timeline, after all. The Virtual Self looks at why we do this: the historical roots of self-tracking and also what it is about the digital life that makes self-tracking so compelling. I also look at what that information can be used for in the aggregate, and why we need a different approach to privacy if all that data is to be used for good.

The official book launch is on Tuesday, April 24th, at the Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth, Toronto, starting at 6:30. Please come. It should be fun and CBC’s  Mike Wise has agreed to do an on-stage (or is that in-pub?) interview.

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