The Sniffer: Trends in News and Architecture

On this episode of thesniffer, Nora Young talks about a new entry to the Knight News Challenge (which is a funding contest to help re-invigorate news for the 21st century). The proposal is to engineer online news feeds so that you can access the perspective of people who are UNLIKE you. It’s to combat the problem of the social media echo chamber that we encounter when we just read the news our like-minded friends read (via The Atlantic)

After laughing my butt off, I actually got to thinking that it’s a pretty good idea. With the loss of good balanced journalism in most major media outlets these days, it really is up to us to make our own informed decisions, and like it or not, knowing what the enemy is thinking/doing is fairly important

Meanwhile, I’ve dug up what I think is a fairly a cool project in more sustainable architecture. It’s a social housing project near Madrid. I like it because it’s designed with ‘flow through’ in mind, and because it uses “cogeneration” as a power source, which allows the waste heat generated to be used for things like heating water (viaArchitecture Today).

Finally, for history buffs out there, check out Orbis, a project from Stanford University which is best thought of as “Google Maps for Ancient Rome”. Once you get to the website, just click on “Mapping Orbis”. How would you get around? (Via Ars Technica).

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