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Adventures on the E-Book Frontier: Dispatch Ten

Hey all,

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Well it’s been an interesting week.  I’m still trying to figure out what to do about the book cover and am veering more towards something like this.

My friend, architect Farid Noufaily who lives in Beirut, for fun took a shot at it and I really like the image of the little girl looking like she might fall down.  I also like the speed that the NIGHT TOWN font has, but the novel is much darker than this image implies. However as Farid said to me in his email, this was done when he knew nothing about the novel whatsoever.

I began fooling around myself and came up with this.

It’s quite easy to see what designers like Farid and Jane bring to the equation. Lesson to be learned? Just because I can write fiction, doesn’t mean I can design my own cover. Look at what Farid did in ten minutes from Beruit. No kidding – Beruit.

I do think I’m much closer in using a photo versus the doll though. To me it makes it more real. And I also think that if the font is threatening enough we create a tension between the innocence of the child.

I’d like to take credit for this idea, but it came courtesy of my good pal Laurie Finstad Knizhik, the brains behind the hit Canadian TV series Durham County. She called me up and made this is suggestion.

If only I could get her to post in the blog.

Thanks very much for all the feedback on the first images and I’d love to hear your opinions about this as well.

It’s very different putting your work out there for critique before it’s even done. But I do believe that open source writing (to make up a phrase on the fly) is the way of the future. And we’re laying that groundwork today.

Speaking of open source and working together. Does anyone know how to upload an image from a Super Eight film that’s been transferred to DVD? Is it even doable or has it already been degraded in the transfer process?

Just wondering…




Review from the Venice Architecture Biennale – Feeling Good on Common Ground

Hey all,

I was in Venice this September to see the Architecture Biennale. I thought it would be chuck full of arts posers and would be all about splash and flash. Was I ever wrong. The Biennale was one of the most powerful and hopeful events I’ve ever attended. People from all over the globe coming together to try and solve big problems without buckets of cash.

I wrote it up for

Here’s a link. I think you’ll like it.



Adventures on the E-Book Frontier: Dispatch Nine

Interesting to get everybody’s opinion on my possible cover pages in Dispatch Eight and thank you. I have to say that I find number one way too busy, although I do like the journey down that is implied. I also like the final image of the little girl in the chair, but I too feel that it’s, as I think Nora said, too Can Lit and way to period specific.

And to be very honest with you – hopefully potential readers out there – Night Town is anything but your usual Can Lit.

Not that there is anything wrong with that approach, but I wanted to write something much more visceral and immediate. Something that just grabbed you by the eyeballs and sucked you into the language and there was no grey area, no contemplative cushioning, between the reader and the character/writer.

When you are in Night Town. You are there.

I wanted it to read “like the reader is riding on a bullet with this young girl/woman as the bullet is fired out out of a gun.” That’s exactly what I said when I finished the first draft and that’s the same thing I said to the editor. And that hasn’t changed.

So I’m still looking and if you have any other ideas, please chime in. It was so great to have people in here with me. I thought it was a well and I was all alone. 🙂

Oh one more thing that’s of interest to note is that the two commenters who didn’t think the doll was creepy are both noted Canadian poets. In fact they liked the doll.

Now what does that say I wonder?

Adventures on the E-Book Frontier: Dispatch Eight

Hey all

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I know, I broke my promise about a weekly update. I don’t want you thinking I’m one of those bloggers who starts something and then just lets it drop. The simple fact is, I had nothing to say. Nothing that I don’t bitch about other folks doing online. Talking about what they had to eat, what they’re listening to, what their shrinks said, how their romantic lives are….Blah, blah blah.

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So now I have something to share with you. Jane Goodwin (from Iguana) and I are working on the cover and here are some of the potential ideas so far. Keep in mind that these are very very rough and we’ve just started, but I’d like to hear your input. Tell me what you like and what you don’t and feel free to offer any ideas.