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Adventures on the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Twenty Five

My Blackberry just vibrated with the news that Night Town arrived at the printers moments ago.  I feel like crying. I truly do. It’s unbelievable. It’s so totally surreal. After all this work. Draft after draft after draft. Rejection after rejection. Heartbreak, followed by moments of creative elation. That’s when the pleasure receptors shoot all that feel good juice into your brain and you’re on cloud nine. At least for a short time.

That’s where I am right now. The pleasure receptors are engulfing me, letting me swim in pure joy and excitement, if only for a short time.

I will return to trying to figure out a publicity plan soon enough, but right now I’m standing on top of my desk, staring the window at a slate grey city sky, while dancing like a crazy freak to The Five Royales.




Adventures on the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Twenty Four

Are you ready folks? Drum roll please……….

We have a pub date: May 13th, 2013 

A time: 6pm-8ish pm

And a place to launch my baby …

The Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St. E, just a stone’s throw from Yonge Street.

Last Friday, at Emily’s recommendation, I wandered in and instantly knew that the Imperial was perfect.

First off the whole place just screams Toronto 1970s.

There’s a bar on the main floor called The Aquarium Bar and it’s got a big honkin’ aquarium full of real live fish. Not the usual puny, near belly-up, pale goldfish. No these fish are good looking, happy fish. 


Next I went upstairs into the other bar called, “The Library Lounge.”

It was then I fell in love. The place is so retro. I could just smell the 70s.  The worn rug, a jukebox and the clusters of round tables and captain’s chairs. The kind of chairs that newspapermen used to sit at while they jotted down last minute copy, swilling cheap whisky out of tumblers.

On top of that, the Library Lounge has a jukebox, a fireplace (whoa!) and book cases full of real books. And some of them were … gulp … *hard covers!*

But what’s best of all is that it’s not some faux 70s. It’s real 70s. Walking into The Imperial was like visiting a magic place where time stood till. It’s the ideal place for you to meet my baby Night Town for the first time.

So mark it in your calendar. If I’ve got your email, you’ll be getting one of those “Save the Date” notices, followed by a very groovy Scott Barker designed invitation. If I don’t have your addy, it’s worth giving it to me just to get one of Scott’s designed objects. (BTW Scott’s a very talented young architect who’s just opened his practice.)

That’s all for now. Till next time … c


Adventures on the eBook Frontier – Question VS Dispatch – I double dare you to do it

Hey there, this time I’m not fooling around. This time you have to give me an honest opinion. This time you must not be meek and mild Canadians who don’t say anything for fear of being rude.

Well actually Burke who frequently comments is delightfully rude, but he has an excellent excuse. He is a brash and sassy Texas playwright and I think if anything allows one free reign to be rude it is to grow up as an artist inTexas.

Back to me and my question. The said question is about the book launch party. I think that it would be a panic (remember that bit of slang back with gas and riot?) Well, I think it would be a PANIC to hold the launch party at The Zanzibar – one of the oldest strip palaces in Toronto, where the girls are still taking it all off on the steamy Yonge Street strip.

The peeler is a perfect fit with NightTown. Part of the book takes place in the Zanz. The Zanz, as well as one of the body rub parlours, just around the corner on Elm. You will travel back to times gone by, times you’ve forgotten, times you were too young to remember or times you were thankfully too smashed to recall.

But visiting the scene of where the bad boys and girls of the 1970s partied (along with the Gasworks, The Parkside, Bimbo’s, Larry’s Hideway etc) are the place of legend. Think of it as Grease only without the car chases in the storm drains. Don’t you think it would be fun to have a book launch at the Zanzibar? It’s about the only place still standing? Or is it stupid and everyone will be afraid to show up.

I pray for wisdom and prepare for silence……..Or maybe I can get Steven Leckie show up….

Adventures on the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Twenty Three

Howdy! I’m feeling like a cowgirl today who is rounding up the cattle after a long drive back to the ranch.

I’ve picked my cover. Yep, it’s fabulous, and nope … I’m not showing you.

“Why?” you ask. “Anticipation and buildup,” I reply.

You have to wait until the book launch which is going to be sometime in May. I would tell you the exact date if I could, but the publisher won’t tell me.

Why is that anyway? To what end and to whom is that beneficial? It doesn’t help me organize interviews which you would think would ultimately help everyone, because it translates into a better chance for book sales. But I still don’t have what they call “The Pub Date.”

The next detail to round up was getting the blurbs done. You know those one or two sentences that grace the back cover of most publications. These testimonials are important because (if you’re lucky) they’re generally written by people who have good name recognition. The idea being, if so and so liked this book, you’re bound to as well.

The writing pixies graced me the day I asked, because Judy Rebick (activist) and Adrienne Mitchell (producer and director) agreed. YAY!

Then I wrote my bio, considered lying about my age on the Author Questionnaire (that’s a government document where the Library gathers all of their author information) and said no to an author photo because I thought it would muck up the cover design.

Do you think that was a mistake? Not the lying part, but the picture part. I told the truth about my age because I was afraid of The Allseeing Governmental Eye. But now I’m wondering about the picture. Do you think I made a mistake?

So most of the fussy deets are done. Next, this coming Thursday, a get-together with Greg and Emily to discuss the final full court publicity press.

Till later…..cb