Adventures From the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Twenty Eight

Hey all

I have learned a ‘big honkin’ bucket

I have been humbled. I have been educated in a field that I genuinely thought I knew something about. I have learned the true power of social media.

What sells candies, shirts, real estate, refrigerators and panty liners, what promotes and informs nearly every decision we make in our lives is most largely determined by the power of social media. It no longer belongs to traditional conduits of promotion.






Whether or not you succeed or fail depends on whether or not your candies etc get LIKED, get blogged about, the good word spreads and hopefully some modicum of success follows.

It’s a kick actually.

The power now truly rests with you, the people. It no longer belongs to the critics.  Whether or not that makes me sad or concerned, is a moot point.  To be a success people have to click that they like your product, that they really really like you.

The other thing I’ve been doing, which I wouldn’t have done before, is boldly approach people (not cold on the street)  but people I casually know and ask them if they want to buy my book.

I did it today at the pharmacy.  Sale!

I did it in the parking lot of my apartment building two nights ago. Sale!

Even last year I would have been ashamed to have done this, now I’m not. It’s like, “I wrote this. I like it and I think you’ll like it too. Want to buy it? I’ll give you a good price.” 🙂

And you know what? It works about 50 percent of the time. 

But what’s really going to make my book get out there is you.

Yep that’s you…..

I need you to like it on your FB and most especially if you bought a copy on-line please please please write a short review and post it on wherever you bought it. That has been the biggest realization slap of them all.

I’ve learned this week that NOTHING  sells books like regular folks word of mouth and their purdy little thumbs up. And the icing on the cake are those little mini reviews, they make the books fly out of the eBook stores.

And then of course the bloggers. I have decided that I am no longer afraid of the bloggers. This week I will bake some cookies (yeah right) and go knocking on blogger doors.

“Hi, I’m Cathi. I have snacks and a free ARC. Will you be my friend?”

This will probably make blogger doors shut faster than my Mom did when the pack of Jehovah Witness were spied striding up the front walk.

So that’s it. If you’re up tomorrow, that’s Saturday,  between 9 & 10, Pearse Murray host of A Fabulous Morning (and a pretty fab fellow himself) will be chatting with me about the book.

And thanks again for ALL of the support at the launch. I’m still floating in happy cloud land.



2 responses to “Adventures From the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Twenty Eight

  1. Burke Campbell

    All that you say is so true. Especially the part about promoting your own work. There is nothing more destructive to an artist than false modesty. You really do have to stand up and say, “Buy my book” or “Buy my song” or “Give me the money and I’ll send it to you.” If you are not your own TV ad, no one will buy anything. Live long and prosper!

  2. Congratulations on getting noticed by the Giller people! This is a BIG step for you! In terms of literature, you’re doing everything right. But you need to start leading a debauched lifestyle to go with the life of a great author. Drink heavily, take drugs, appear in public and collapse while accepting awards. I’m getting SO excited thinking about it, I may faint. This is wonderful. You’ll become even better than Truman Capote. The whole Canadian Establishment will come to your Black and White party. This is fabulous beyond normal fabulousness. It’s the zenith of fabulousness!

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