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I Will Be Reading Tomorrow at 11 AM at Glad Day Bookstore in Toronto

Tomorrow if you can, come and hear me read with a gang a great gay literati at Glad Day.

11:00 am Love, Toronto Stories filled with our city streets and heartbeats.

Liz Bugg

Jeffrey Round

Cathi Bond

JP Larocque



Hello one and all,

Last week I did something that was totally fun and extremely fruitful. I was invited by Toronto installation artist and all around Riverdale bon vivant Laurie McGugan, to speak about Night Town at her book club.

cowboy(Laurie’s cool giant painting huh on top of a photo of a gravel pit. Had to share)

The book club was a fantastic experience. The women: smart, keen gals  had each given the novel a close read and were ready to fire off rounds of questions, considered critique and and even the odd compliment.

book clubby

It was a wonderful way for me to get a closer analysis of my work and I think it was enjoyable for the group to stretch their creative muscles and form ideas for their own fiction, or at the very least, get a deeper look at how literature works or how and why it can do a spectacular face plant.

The whole evening felt so right that I blurted right out asking them to consider acting as a sounding board for my next next book. I don’t know how that will work. The idea of the readers being nearly as close to the creative process as the writer, but I think it warrants an experiment. These ladies know literature and as I’ve said before, I think in the 21st century everything is going to be a much more collaborative affair.

How about you? What do you think about broadening the experiment? Let’s start in and around the GTA and see where the interest lies.

Which areas are hottest on …


… And enjoy assembling together in …..

book club

Put ’em all together and what have you got? The Book Club! An author, a new novel and and evening of vibrant literary chit chat.

The only hitch is, you’ve got to buy more than one copy of Night Town and madly pass it around. 🙂 To cut down on cost I bought a bunch in bulk and am pleased to drop them off meaning, no delivery…. and, I’ve even picked up the  tax.

I’m not trying to be greedy here, but there is a good reason for the phrase “starving artist.”

starving writer

So let me know if you’re interested. Put a post here or email me at

I think it could be a blast or maybe a fist fight, but if the food is anything like the yum yums at Jane’s house there is another tantalizing reason to attend.

But me? Don’t count on my cooking.

Let’s make this happen folks. Can’t you feel a good time for bo0kies coming down the pike. What does that that mean anyway? Coming down the pike??




Adventures from the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Thirty One

Well here I all. Smack dab in whole lotta trouble. I’ve hit the sales wall. That’s when most of the friends and family have bought the book and the media onslaught is pretty much over and all that is heard is silence after the sound of squealing glass.

breaking glass

I must say though at the risk of sounding cocky, the sales push for a first timer was pretty darned impressive: Pearse Murray from PROUD FM got out there first and barked for peeps to buy buy buy, Zoe Whithall inked a review for yon Globe, rabble was there, Gerald Hannon, godfather of the gay movement, layered Night Town up in so many smarts that I cried  NOW said yea and CBC’s book queen Shelagh Rogers gave it a pass with her scepter.


And all of you were fabulous. You bought it. Thank you. Thank you very much. And if you’ve still got a book store in your hood, ask them to consider stocking it. I can get all the details you need.

What about me? I’ve go to get to work again. On writing? Nope. On sales.

That means setting up my word press page so it works more efficiently. Does anyone in Toronto or Waterloo area know how that works?

Is there a dirt cheep cheep cheep book with pictures or step by step instep instructions as to how it works?



Then there’s the matter of sending eBook files. How do I send different kinds of reader files to different kinds of computers and different kinds of computers?

It’s daunting isn’t it?

And don’t you dare dump my blog saying to yourself, “Oh man I didn’t sign on to listen to all of this.”  Remember, when you joined me for the journey it was for good and for bad.”

I hope this is the worst and that it doesn’t get bleaker. Oh, and if you’ve got a used Word Press for Dummies you’d like to give away, I know someone who’d love it.


PS And remind me of the promise I made myself. Rather than chomping on a depressoburger, that I would get in my car with my dog and drive all of Ontario doing readings, because nobody was going to me able to sell this book other than me!

bionic woman mini




The Deal of a Lifetime – Don't Miss it

Hello one and all, I was just at cruising around the invisible shelves at my invisible bookstores- Amazons and Chapters Indigo and they are selling Night Town at “HEY DON’T MISS ‘EM PRICES”

I am not kidding. This is is like Honest Eds or Gimble’s Bargain Basement giving things away for free.

The canararies are singing “cheep” “cheep”  “cheep”

Go forth and shop … for a limited time only.

Adventures From the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Thirty

Extra Extra Read All About It!


read all about it

Big media news this weekend in the Land o’ Bond.

First off be sure to tune into The Next Chapter at 1 pm on Saturday with Canadian book siren Shelagh Rogers who fiercely stands on guard, making sure that Canadian fiction will always be heard. Thank you Shelagh for letting me into the studio. And yep, she’s as as nice as she always sounds. It’s not fake. And it was a lot of fun.

SRogers6 586x395


And then there’s more!

globe and mail


Yes! It’s true. A terrif review of Night Town was just posted in the Globe and Mail. I don’t know what I did to deserve such great fortune as to have been read and reviewed by such a well-known and talented Toronto novelist as Zoe Whitall, but hey Zoe, I thank you.

zoe whittall blog

Back to work on the next one … which for some reason is a lot harder to work on when people are saying nice things about the first one.



See Yourself Live at the Launch

Thanks again to everyone who supported me at the book launch. If you watch it closely you’ll see yourself and who you were talking to. My pal Hester shot the photos in the video and I

Adventures From the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Number Twenty – Nine

Woweezowwee….I have been a bad girl

bad girlI’ve been out of communication since my launch update. This is not because I went on holiday.  I would “love” to go on holiday. But it’s this little matter of flogging the publicity horse.

kamagra 100mg

mr ed

I can’t believe how nutzoid, kind of like exam period exhausting making, this launching a book can be.

First, you’ve got to remind all the folks who said they were interested in giving you ink, give you ink.


Then there’s a lot of time spent literally driving or walking around with my big bag of books stashed in the truck of my car or lashed across my back, literally selling them like a peddler of yore.


I thought I wouldn’t like this part of it. Well … in fact … I kinda do … I like chatting to people about my novel – the art of the old style visit. Especially talking about the part of my novel that deals with what it was like being gay back in the early 70s. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

god hates you

And sometimes it really hurt. In the sticks and stones kind of way … and how words can never hurt you.

Times have changed so much. The gay community has been amazing and traditional media more welcoming that I ever could have hoped.

It’s like a topic whose time has truly come. It’s more than “Two Gay Boys Help You Build Your Dream House, Because They Have Better Taster Than You.” Or “Ellen” is the new host of “Kids Say the Darnedest Things.”

Well I’ve got a lot more things to tell you, but I’m going to parse them out slowing, so you keep coming back. And all the news so far is pretty good. Thanks in part to me and of course BIG thanks to the gang at Iguana Books led by Greg Ioannou likely the most book loving person I’ve ever met. And I’ve met a lot of them.


Iguana logo