Adventures from the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Thirty One

Well here I all. Smack dab in whole lotta trouble. I’ve hit the sales wall. That’s when most of the friends and family have bought the book and the media onslaught is pretty much over and all that is heard is silence after the sound of squealing glass.

breaking glass

I must say though at the risk of sounding cocky, the sales push for a first timer was pretty darned impressive: Pearse Murray from PROUD FM got out there first and barked for peeps to buy buy buy, Zoe Whithall inked a review for yon Globe, rabble was there, Gerald Hannon, godfather of the gay movement, layered Night Town up in so many smarts that I cried  NOW said yea and CBC’s book queen Shelagh Rogers gave it a pass with her scepter.


And all of you were fabulous. You bought it. Thank you. Thank you very much. And if you’ve still got a book store in your hood, ask them to consider stocking it. I can get all the details you need.

What about me? I’ve go to get to work again. On writing? Nope. On sales.

That means setting up my word press page so it works more efficiently. Does anyone in Toronto or Waterloo area know how that works?

Is there a dirt cheep cheep cheep book with pictures or step by step instep instructions as to how it works?



Then there’s the matter of sending eBook files. How do I send different kinds of reader files to different kinds of computers and different kinds of computers?

It’s daunting isn’t it?

And don’t you dare dump my blog saying to yourself, “Oh man I didn’t sign on to listen to all of this.”  Remember, when you joined me for the journey it was for good and for bad.”

I hope this is the worst and that it doesn’t get bleaker. Oh, and if you’ve got a used Word Press for Dummies you’d like to give away, I know someone who’d love it.


PS And remind me of the promise I made myself. Rather than chomping on a depressoburger, that I would get in my car with my dog and drive all of Ontario doing readings, because nobody was going to me able to sell this book other than me!

bionic woman mini




2 responses to “Adventures from the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Thirty One

  1. Advice #1 from Matt Haig in his column of writing tips
    “Don’t think that being published will make you happy. It will for four weeks, if you are lucky. Then it’s the same old ….”

    Good tips, mostly. Good luck with your next steps… and your next book.

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