Adventures From the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Thirty

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read all about it

Big media news this weekend in the Land o’ Bond.

First off be sure to tune into The Next Chapter at 1 pm on Saturday with Canadian book siren Shelagh Rogers who fiercely stands on guard, making sure that Canadian fiction will always be heard. Thank you Shelagh for letting me into the studio. And yep, she’s as as nice as she always sounds. It’s not fake. And it was a lot of fun.

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And then there’s more!

globe and mail


Yes! It’s true. A terrif review of Night Town was just posted in the Globe and Mail. I don’t know what I did to deserve such great fortune as to have been read and reviewed by such a well-known and talented Toronto novelist as Zoe Whitall, but hey Zoe, I thank you.

zoe whittall blog

Back to work on the next one … which for some reason is a lot harder to work on when people are saying nice things about the first one.



4 responses to “Adventures From the eBook Frontier – Dispatch Thirty

  1. Congrats. The CBC interview was great and a The Globe review was amazing. A first-time author couldn’t hope for a better welcome in Canada

  2. Burke Campbell

    There is this unsubstantiated rumor afloat that Martha Stewart wants Donald Trump to underwrite a televised mud-wrestling event between herself and Cathi Bond. Apparently, Martha feels threatened by Ms. Bond’s style-mongering. “I’ll show her,” Martha is reported to have said. MORE NEWS SOON…

  3. Hey, Cathi! Congrats on all the positive vibes coming your way just now. Talked to Sue Hilborn on Saturday and she bought a copy of The Loyalist’s Wife. So exciting to have the first one out there, as I know you can relate. All best, Elaine Cougler

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