Hello one and all,

Last week I did something that was totally fun and extremely fruitful. I was invited by Toronto installation artist and all around Riverdale bon vivant Laurie McGugan, to speak about Night Town at her book club.

cowboy(Laurie’s cool giant painting huh on top of a photo of a gravel pit. Had to share)

The book club was a fantastic experience. The women: smart, keen gals  had each given the novel a close read and were ready to fire off rounds of questions, considered critique and and even the odd compliment.

book clubby

It was a wonderful way for me to get a closer analysis of my work and I think it was enjoyable for the group to stretch their creative muscles and form ideas for their own fiction, or at the very least, get a deeper look at how literature works or how and why it can do a spectacular face plant.

The whole evening felt so right that I blurted right out asking them to consider acting as a sounding board for my next next book. I don’t know how that will work. The idea of the readers being nearly as close to the creative process as the writer, but I think it warrants an experiment. These ladies know literature and as I’ve said before, I think in the 21st century everything is going to be a much more collaborative affair.

How about you? What do you think about broadening the experiment? Let’s start in and around the GTA and see where the interest lies.

Which areas are hottest on …


… And enjoy assembling together in …..

book club

Put ’em all together and what have you got? The Book Club! An author, a new novel and and evening of vibrant literary chit chat.

The only hitch is, you’ve got to buy more than one copy of Night Town and madly pass it around. 🙂 To cut down on cost I bought a bunch in bulk and am pleased to drop them off meaning, no delivery…. and, I’ve even picked up the  tax.

I’m not trying to be greedy here, but there is a good reason for the phrase “starving artist.”

starving writer

So let me know if you’re interested. Put a post here or email me at cathibond@gmail.com.

I think it could be a blast or maybe a fist fight, but if the food is anything like the yum yums at Jane’s house there is another tantalizing reason to attend.

But me? Don’t count on my cooking.

Let’s make this happen folks. Can’t you feel a good time for bo0kies coming down the pike. What does that that mean anyway? Coming down the pike??




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