What's That Aroma? Could be Your Brain on Wi-Fi

Hey all, just finished writing a


Turns out that Raffi has more than just music on his mind. He’s very concerned about the many effects smart phones are having on humanity, and he feels that it’s not all, golly gee wow what a cool app is that!

Raffi’s book is excellent primer for those of us interested in childhood development (both socially and in terms of their effects on developing brains) as well as the darned scary picture Raffi paints of the potential dangers of living in an unplugged universe.


In the old days we knew all that information was travelling through those ugly cables. With cables gone and their signals seemingly vanished into thin air, the question remains, the information streams aren’t gone and what are they doing to our brains?


This book is well worth a read. Thumbs up from moi.

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