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Cathi Bond is a Canadian new media pioneer and accomplished national broadcaster. She has written for TV and covers a wide variety of material for print and new media.

Cathi was head writer for yoursource, an  award winning Canadian design magazine, and has contributed to The Globe and Mail, Ocean Drive, Shift and rabble.ca.

Many Canadians know Cathi from CBC Radio’s DNTO, as the “Video Diva,” a wise cracking movie reviewer, who delivered smart, yet entertaining weekly content. The Video Diva brand was cross-purposed and moved over to CBC Newsworld where it ran in international syndication for years.

Cathi has also written and broadcasted for CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, Next, The Arts Tonight, and Spark.

Television projects have included TSN, YTV, CBC Newsworld, CBC’s Strange Empire, Global TV’s Durham County, Bite TV and Showcase’s Bliss.

Cathi is known for ability to write, broadcast, and produce smart, snappy copy on all manner of things, but her real specialties are architecture,art, design, movies, music and technology.

On their bi-weekly podcast thesniffer,  Cathi and her friend Nora Young discuss their latest tech and trend discoveries. True new media pioneers, Cathi and Nora are celebrating the podcast’s 10 year anniversary.

While she has an eye to the future in her journalistic work, Cathi also has a deep interest in historical fiction and has mined her own family’s past for a trilogy about Canadian life during the 20th century. Her first novel, Night Town, was published in 2013 to great critical acclaim and she is currently working on her second.

Cathi also runs a 200 acre farm. This year crops are corn and soy beans. The corn’s a bit spikey but the beans are doing great. When not on the farm, Cathi and her ferocious Schnauzer live in downtown Toronto.

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If you need good smart copy, turned around at the speed of light – call Cathi Bond. She can deliver.

Contact me at cathibond [at] gmail [dot] com





9 responses to “About Cathi

  1. wendy merritt veldman

    Hey Cathie,
    A friend of mine mentioned your book to me… I then realized it was my friend Cathie from a whole lifetime ago.
    Congrats on your book, I will definitely be getting a copy. I’m in Toronto a lot, as my three children live there at the moment. I have often thought of you and wondered if you stayed in Toronto.
    Anyway I’m happy for your success.

    • this is too wild running into you again in cyber space. ever get a chance to read it? i see that you are a health care professional. is it ears nose and throat? educate me Wendy. Remember when my dad was so cheap er frugal that we had to share “the White Album?” I don’t remember who got the cover. Do you? Hope you’re great. It looks like you’re doing all kind of good works for others and that’s how I remember you. Who’s in the Merritt manor these days? I’d love to hear about your family. It has been a LONG time since we last saw each other, but man oh man, we be old gal. We be getting old. I sure don’t feel like it. Except in my right leg. A series of very bad accidents and osteo a go go. All for now. Cathi. How did I spell my name back then? I recall Cathie.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. I didn’t want to put it down … there were a few times when I wanted to cry and there were times when I wanted to kick the main character in the rear and point her in a different direction. I loved the ending when the main character takes control of her life. Well done.

    While reading the first two chapters, I thought my 11-year-old daughter would like to read this. But then, the main character changes, and then I thought maybe she should wait and read it in a few years. 😉
    Maybe you should do a short novel for tweens with just the first 2 chapters and perhaps they’ll appreciate their own mothers a little bit more.
    I’m so sorry that your mom got sick in a small town where gossip travels quickly. She was a pioneer; I never heard the word cancer again for 10 or 20 years. But I’m glad you recovered and are stronger today.

    • You don’t want your daughter to learn how to shoot up drugs? 🙂 Good idea actually. thanks for the time to write. I am back to my blog.

  3. Hi Cathi, I’ve often wondered if it was you I was listening to on CBC. I’m happy for your success and intend to pick up your book tomorrow. I still have memories of you and Pat sitting in her broom playing guitar…writing the next great one. My daughter goes to OCAD and is a social activist/feminist…hope she can meet you some day. I hope that Rick and Paul are well, fond memories.


    • Hi Allen!

      What a lovely surprise to find this post on my blog. You were indeed listening to me on air and I think it’s terrific that your daughter is studying at OCAD and is a social activist/feminist. I hope she isn’t overly fond of money, since the arts are not the way to the cash cow. Rick and I have had many debates about the importance of the arts. No blood has been shed, but a couple of times I wanted to punch him in the nose. See how little things have changed since Smithville? Paul and his wife and two boys are in Burbank. Paul is acting and Michelle teaches art to preschoolers. Rick is running Abbott Pharma in Canada. And I see that you’re a doctor. Well done! GP or specializing? I am going to forward your email addy onto the boys since I know that they would both love to be in touch with you. If you are on FB they are as well. Paul maintains a very active site for his work and there is the funniest photo of Rick imaginable on his. Not sure if it’s Rick or Richard, but you’ll find him. Are you in Toronto? Perhaps we could all get together some time when Rick’s in town for business. His son is working here in the hotel business. All for now and all the very best. And don’t forget to BUY THE BOOK! It’s doing gamebusters at the library but a bit more transactional action is always appreciated. And yes, fond memories. Cathi

    • Hi Allen

      Rick is trying to reach you but the emails aren’t get through your filter. Would you mind checking your spam/junk for his messages or send your phone number here? It won’t be published on the blog. Both he and Paul got excited where I them you’d contacted me.

  4. Thanks to Memories of Smithville I discovered your book Night Town.
    Well being a long time Smithville gal and remembering your parents, I of course found it at the local library.
    I’m loving it Cathi!
    I do remember your mom passing, oh so young, and have always wondered where Dad took you after leaving our town.
    Wow a Toronto gal, and a celebrity too.
    I never left, married, remarried and now raise show Nubian & Lamancha goats.
    You may recall my grandparents Harmon & Etta Hodgkins, and my dad Clayton and mom ( now gone) Isabel of Hodgkins Hardware.
    I pick out spots in your book of our town (names changed to protect the innocent lol) and I’ve chuckled of your playing in the fields behind your place & C.O.’s 😉 as I did behind our hardware store along the banks of the 20 creek.
    Now our farm is on the bank of 20 Creek, on South Grimsby Road 6 the first side road outside of town heading to Hamilton.
    I hope you’ve found happiness young lady 😉
    God Bless.
    Sincerely Joanne Battersby (Nee Hodgkins)
    Oldest kid, who married the younger man and shocked Smithville silly 🙂

  5. Marianne Brandt nee Hodgkins

    My sister Joanne told me about your book, so I requested it from the library and I just finished reading it! Wow ! I really enjoyed it! Talk about a blast from the past… While reading it, the memories flooded back… The autobiography part? You? Your Family? Your house? The friends? The gully out back where we all went sledding, the corner restaurant etc… all names changed but I recognized them all. I have to admit that I had many emotions while reading Night Town, I smiled a little, I got angry a little, and I definitely cried a little… I do like happy endings! Great book, Congratulations on your success and the book’s success. Wishing you Wellness and Happiness…Marianne

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