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Return of the Creative Crazy Apocalyptic Cathi Bond

Hi all

First off, apologies for the long blog silence.


All of this is changing. First off, I’m outa my mind crazy happy to be contributing to a new Coach House Books publication.

News number two, rather than fiction I’m going memoir for an (I hope) sometimes funny, cry your eyes out, edifying, up close and personal account of what it was like to live in Toronto through the first years of the AIDS epidemic.


There is a worrying lack of first person, historical detail about these days and I firmly believe this era needs to not only but recounted, but truly remembered and NEVER FORGOTTEN. We lost nearly an entire generation of fine men (and women).

I decided that I’m going to do my best to make sure all of my friends and colleagues do “not go gentle into that good night.” So “Hearts O’ Gold” is currently being created on my laptop.

And finally, if you live in Toronto, you know all too well about the attack of the condo. There is no stopping them. Ever since the province determined that the city couldn’t grow out any further, developers have bought up the most viable vacant city blocks and a plan for a new Toronto has been created.


Acting as the representative for City Park Co-op (the largest cooperative in North America), I will be working with members of my community, the city and the developers, to do our best to ensure that these glass towers bring not only more tax dollars to the city, but also keep Toronto as a town of welcoming neighbourhoods. A place with adequate green space, enough TTC, water and most importantly to me, maintaining a sense of human scale in our city.

I have no naive misconceptions that the condo machine can be stopped, but I think that if a determined group comes together, we can ensure that viable neighbourhood communities remain at the base of these monoliths.


Is the above imagine going to be 21st century Toronto? Let’s stand firm that the individual is not mowed down for the sake of the city’s coffers.

After all,  Toronto is our home.

So you’ll be getting a bunch of different news on my blog. Some of it will pertain to the memoir and a call out for your own memories. Others will pertain to my encounters with City Hall and developers as our City Park Condo Association works to establish good positive working relationships so all will be happy when Toronto transforms itself into a neo Beijing


It already sorta looks like this doesn’t it?

Cuz it sure doesn’t look the way it used to.


Stay cool and please contribute. Any and all opinions are welcome, but if you say anything mean I’ll send my killer pooch your way.

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Over and out