Videos – Favourite Films from the 70s

The Tenant by Roman Polanski 1976

I didn’t understand this movie when I first saw it, but now I think I do. (Which is kind of depressing given the subject matter.) This dude, played by Polanski, moves into an apartment that’s possessed by the spirit of a dead girl. Polanski becomes possessed by her spirit, dresses up in drag and throws himself out the window. Only the suicide doesn’t work, so he has to drag his poor smashed up body back up the stairs and try to kill himself again. Now I understand it. Which, as I said, is kind of depressing.

The Deer Hunter by Michael Cimino 1978

I can’t think of another motion picture that effected me as much as this film did.   The structure is unlike anything we are accustomed to watching today. The long and languorous sequences at the beginning reveal the intense love men can share. And I also think that The Deer Hunter is far and away the most emotionally devastating pic I’ve ever seen about war; and about how debased and vile humankind can truly be. One of the most beautiful and horrifying movies ever made.

Star Wars A New Hope 1977

Welcome to the movie that changed it all. Soon the artistry of directors like Cimino would be given the boot for the wow, geewhiz, blow dem all up real good, special effects wizards like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg etc. This is not to say that these fellas aren’t terrific story tellers, yet I can’t help but weep at the price deep story and genuine artistic license has been lost to the cinematic art form. I know that there are filmmakers out there who are trying to keep cinema alive, however it is nearly all but impossible given that the studios demand the cookie cutter plots that bring in the big bucks… End of rant…




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